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, Ive Got A Feeling (That Wont Change) with EXCLUSIVE TRACK Dead Moon (demo) on the b-side. Their debut album Love And Desperation is out on Tee Pee records on the 20th April. J. Mascis - drums, guitar, vocals | Tim Parnin - guitar John Petkovic - vocals, guitars | Dave Sweetapple - bass, vocals. Most bands are brought together by guitars, amps and drums.Sweet Apple formed after tragedy, out of friendship, on a miserable day in Vermont.At first glance, the rock n roll quartet might seem like one of those "indie-rock supergroup" sideshows.Yes, J. Mascis drums/guitar/vocals) plays in Dinosaur Jr. Tim Parnin (guitar) and John Petkovic (vocals/guitar) play in Cobra Verde. Dave Sweetapple (bass/vocals) plays in Witch.But Sweet Apple was born of a death - and a cross country drive, totally by chance.It was rainy morning in December when John Petkovic got in his car heading eastward. He had no destination in mind, let alone plans for a band. He just wanted to drive away."My mother had just died after a long, horrible illness," he says. "And Id been totally devastated by so many things, all at once. Id lost so much weight. I couldnt eat or sleep. All I did was smoke cigarettes, one and after another after another."John got in his car and went for a long smoke. Four hundred miles from his hometown of Cleveland, and out of the blue, he received a phone call from friend Dave Sweetapple."I couldnt believe he was driving around aimlessly," says Sweetapple, of Brattleboro, Vt. "When I found out he was so close to Vermont I told him to come over."Dave also called their mutual friend J. Mascis, who lives nearby in Amherst, Ma., and told him to come over. J did, and told John to start writing a bunch of songs when he got back home - so they could start a band.Recorded in Cleveland and Massachusetts. Mixed by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, The Hold Steady) and Don Depew (Guided By Voices, Cobra Verde)."I tell people that I saved Johns life by starting this band," says Mascis. "But they dont believe me."

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