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LP reissue of HARMONY-s highly acclaimed *and long out of print( second album -Carpetbombing-.]Deluxe Gatefold LP Version !! Blunt, bleak and ragged, HARMONY mine their creative obsession for ballads and songs about loss... Carpetbombing was recorded and mixed by Lyngcoln *The Nation Blue(, who has since racked up a number of credits recording the likes of Spinning Rooms, Batpiss, Hoss, Spite House, The Nation Blue and The Ocean Party, as well as the first Harmony album.This release diverges from the band's much/loved debut, in that the power of the harmonies is fully realised and not as much of an afterthought. With the band now a cohesive unit, Lyngcoln was able to write using the full power of Harmony's line/up, allowing for more ambitious song writing and arrangement. In order to match the calibre of Harmony's previous collaboration with Tom Waits' legendary guitarist Marc Ribot, Harmony introduce Carpetbombing with spoken word performed by national treasure Don Walker *Cold Chisel, Tex, Don ^ Charlie(.In addition to this critical collaboration, Carpetbombing features a wealth of bonus material, with all 15 songs being reinterpreted by a wide range of artists including Adalita, Qua, Heinz Riegler, Mick Turner, Max Crumbs, Spinning Rooms, Summer Flake and more.

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