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-Last-, the third LP by krautrock legends Agitation Free, was originally released in 1976 on Barclay in France as a posthumous LP that included tracks from -73 and -74. Agitation Free had been formed in 1967 by Lutz -L├╝├╝l- ├ťlrich, Michael -Fame- G├╝nther, Lutz -Ludwig- Kramer and Christoph Franke. They soon gained the residency as the house band on Berlin-s Zodiac Club with their impressive multimedia stage show. By 1973 they had already released two LPs and suffered several line/up changes and the members of the band that recorded -Last- included Michael G├╝nther on bass, Burghard Rausch on drums, plus J├Ârg Schwenke and Lutz Ulbrich on guitars, plus friends / Erhard Grosskopf on loops, Michael Hoenig on sinthesizer, a.o. Although the album was first released in 1976, side one was recorded live in France in March 1973 and side two live in the studio in Berlin, February 1974. But don-t be fooled by this, the whole LP sounds as a proper studio recording, no intrusive audience noises, perfect mix, outstanding audio quality.Fans of Can, Guru Guru, Faust or Tangerine Dream will enjoy the sound of Agitation Free, where all elements of acid guitar krautrock mix to perfection with experimental sounds, kosmische atmospheres and tape looping.The Wah Wah reissue respects the original artwork, features an insert with photos and liner notes and comes in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only.

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