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] Released for the first time on vinyl. ] The ultimate collection of rare early materials by this electronic music pioneer. ] Comes as a deluxe double LP set with insert and extensive liner notes. ] Limited black vinyl pressing *700 copies( with obi strip. Klaus Schulze is a German electronic music pioneer, composer and musician that needs very little introduction. In the late sixties ^ early seventies he was a member of several iconic bands such as Tangerine Dream, The Cosmic Jokers ^ Ash Ra Tempel before launching a solo career consisting of more than 60 albums released across five decades. Collaborations were numerous and highlights include working with Steve Winwood, Brian Eno ^ Alphaville... just to name a few. Klaus Schulze-s proto moog/synthesizer work is regarded as a milestone in electronic music ^ during the decades he released landmark albums in genres catalogued as -Ambient-, -Electronic-, -New Age-, -Berlin School-, -Experimental-, -Kosmische Musik- ^ -Krautrock-. Mr. Schulze had a more organic sound than most electronic artists of the time, often he would throw in decidedly non/electronic sounds such as acoustic guitar and a male operatic voice. Schulze is also known for developing a Minimoog technique that sounds uncannily like an electric guitar, which is quite impressive in concert. On occasions he would also compose film scores such as Body Love *1977(, Barracuda *1978(, Next of Kin *1982(, ^ Angst *1983(. His best known song -Freeze- has been used in films like Manhunter *1986( and more recently in Sofia Coppola-s -The Bling Ring- from 2013. In 2009, producer Klaus D. Mueller and Schulze began releasing La Vie Electronique *@The Electronic Life@(, a series of sets that collected rare sought/after early works ^ unreleased tracks put in chronological sequence. These sets contain some of the best music Klaus ever created and are early 70-s masterworks that will appeal to both fans and collectors. Now available for the first time on vinyl, One Way Static Records presents the SECOND volume in our new archival series -La Vie Electronique-. This volume *1.1( focuses on the years 1970/1972 and is spread over two glorious LP-s containing ]78 minutes of Klaus Shulze rarities. This deluxe vinyl set also comes with an insert containing extensive liner notes.

Añadir al carrito SCHULZE, KLAUS - LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE VOL. 1.1 (2LP)ONE WAY STATIC | LP | 43,00 €
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