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Portada de S.H.I.T. - I S.H.I.T.

S.H.I.T. have been one of the best bands doing it live and on record for a few years now and here on their fourth 7@ *and first since 2014( they reassert their place as mainstays of Toronto-s killer scene by serving up four more tracks of total hard/core moving forward through chaos. Insidiation blowing a wild storm hung around an unstoppable chugging riff, panic and terror building as the song pounds onwards. Incorporation shifting from warped siren blare to terrible tear. Barks of frustration, howls of anger, emerging from the bruising punk squall, anguished and disgusted. A record that careers with breakneck verve from sinister pulse to blazing hardcore bom/bardment.

Añadir al carrito S.H.I.T. - ILA VIDA ES UN MUS | 7'' | 7,00 €
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